Hi gay,

or lesbian (if you're omosex twice), and welcome to the Tools of Pleasure, a reverend gang founded by chance without any particular reasons. Or, if you prefer, with the aim to conquer the world by the only force of idiocy, that's the same, you understand...


But, what has this photo got to do with it? It's a Ginepro bonsai, you know, on which has been made an admirable Jin (or perhaps Shari?) technique, but who has put here, and above all, why? Boh, we don't know it... however, as we're here, we can make hypotheses: maybe is it an useful tool to rise to an interior peace state of mind? And so, maybe it could be useful also for many other things, after you've practised manually with it? Answer yourself to these questions, but pay attention, be careful...



Well, so the Tools of Pleasure is structuralized, more or less:



The President: he's one and trino, and he express himself under the three caracters of "Fra' Dolcino", Ted Breuster, and the misterious "Spirito Sandro". However, you can call him simply President, or Fra' Dolcino, we grant you that.

Papo: the vice-President. Don't ask us the sense and the origin of his name, he's the Papo, and the Papo is the Papo. He's very influential under the spiritual sphere, nevertheless he always try to extend his power also on the temporal one.

Anti-Papo (Simone): even knowed as "Mastro Tools", he's an essential caracter. He introduced first, in fact, the awful war cry that becames our call ("toooooollllssssss!!!").
SpiderBlaster (or The Magnetic Shrewmouse): supreme and very pure being, every time he arrives, we have waited him before with a big sense of waiting for him. If you can understand, understand, if possibile now.
The mayor of the world: a post filled by Spike. He's got a delegation on the doctrinal affairs (pay attention). He's big, and bond, so much that someone sometimes call him "the good leviathan"...


Furthermore we have to tell you that the Tools have made in the saecula very good relationships with the nice guys of the sud bonfire. So we were believing well for our realization of world domain plan. But unexpectly, some days ago a furious and terrible war exploded between us, the T.o.P. (Tools of Pleasure), and some pitiless aliens, born and alived with the only purpose of conquer the Earth... entering in the men's ass, and fertilizing the women ones (it's possible, cause they're aliens, remember it)... their name is one, and one only: the Clorg...

Take your package, and join us to fight them. Now.




Here are our contacts... but don't forget that we're all Physics student, in our other life, so be careful (we can make bombs).


The President Fra’ Dolcino Now  über Alles: fra.dolcino@gmail.com

Papo Now: http://quidni.altervista.org ( papo.now@gmail.com )

Mastro Tools: http://www.simonefolador.com

Spike: http://fc.retecivica.milano.it/~oscar.lambri/